In person and online healing events

We offer sound and energy wave baths in our healing studio and in the comfort of your own home. The gentle and powerful vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls will soothe and relax you as you drift off to a calm, safe space out of time. At the same time you will receive the healing-igniting energy waves of Lotus Reiki. You may slip into deep relaxation or sleep.

You can choose to lie down on your bed, Yoga mat, or even just sit comfortably upright, in order to slip into relaxation and to let go of the heaviness of the day. Make sure you have a blanket near you, a comfortable pillow, and a glass of water. For best results, we recommend you listen with earbuds or headphones.

A deeper explanation

Since mid-last Year, we have felt the energies and massages that are coming through getting louder, stronger, and the connection is faster and of higher vibration.

As for my part (Jutta) I’m getting regular downloads about what is coming and what is to be anchored into this Earth. The vibrations, patterns, and streams that cause the movements have changed, they’ve became stronger and more vibrant, and are occasionally transmitted as light language (a language that I’m not familiar with)

As for Nick, he is channelling old masters from various backgrounds more and more strongly while being guided by his higher self to work with the energy of sound, which can open portals that have a different meaning for each individual and encourage deep healing at any level of your being.

We are moving with the consciousness of the planet, flowing with the rhythm of the new earth’s energy, to calibrate our bodies, to enhance you and all the knowledge in you, and to let go of fear and frustrations. We are bringing our power back into our bodies, into our subconscious mind, with the knowledge that we can change our personal imprint to live life in a balanced and joyful way.

Healing comes from within.

We would like you to be a part of our self-discovery community where we support each other’s healing processes, we invite you to join us on our collective journey of growth and expansion.   

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Thank you for letting us accompany you.

Love and Light.