Reiki and bowls past event 23/7/2021

Lotus Reiki and Tibetan healing bowls 23/07/2021

Thank you for connecting with us on the 23rd of July. All moments are special, and all moments are unique. We are grateful to have shared these moments of energy transmission and healing with you. Thank you for giving yourselves the permission to heal and of participate in this multidimensional gathering that is put together for us to ignite the healing and expansion that lies inside of us…

In all our energy and sound transmission events we let the energies around us decide how much and how strong the energy needs to be transmitted. The energies always flow harmoniously and abundantly, as much as is needed. It is coming to us in a non-linear fashion, this means it comes from any direction, dimension, and timeline. It is a collaboration with source that come as spiritual guides, ancestors, angelics, elementals, ascendant masters, and other beautiful and benevolent energies. We are individuals that sprang from the same source and are assisting each other to expand our frequencies.

One of the energies that came in this session was the powerful but very gentle energy of water, Nick and I both felt the connection with this wonderful healing energy that came in to assist us with the healing and cleansing. This time’s channelling was felt to have come from native American elders and ascendant masters. The sounds are working into your body’s energy field to ignite healing.

There are different layers in our whole being that need to be worked on, and they are multi-layered.

It is not really complicated to work with, but how it works needs to be understood.

We are here to assist you, to give you a helping hand on your way to self-healing.

We are the product of our ancestral inheritance, all past moments, events, traumas, sayings, and old teachings are stored in our energy field. All that we have done in any lifetime is stored there and it is weighing down on us.

We understand now that we don’t need this information in our energy field anymore. Let go of victimhood. Let go of fear, blame and all that pains us; and with this raise your vibration.

Say these words without the need to control the intensity of the outcome. Trust the process. It will clear out as much as you allow: to go and to uninstall. Repeat the words as much as you choose.

“Don’t fight with yourself. Love yourself and be committed to your choices.


I’m uninstalling all low vibrational emotions and programmes.

I’m surrendering and letting the light get rid of it.

I’m claiming my state of sovereignty (to my higher self).

I’m choosing to be sovereign in any domain.

I’m fully connected with my higher self.

I’m trusting my inner guidance.”

The water energy is doing exactly this: giving you a clear out, cleaning out old energies: sending them to the light to find the peace and the love that is waiting for them to return and heal.