Reiki and bowls past event 25/6/2021

Lotus Reiki and Tibetan Sound Bowls.
Thank you for connecting with us at the 25th of June live Lotus Reiki and Tibetan Singing bowls event. We are here to assist you energetically, to provoke healing by channelling patterns, waves, and sounds, and thus bringing the new energetic information into your energy field. We are enjoying our conversations and the discussions of different topics that are making their way up to the surface of our awareness. Every unpleasant emotion that comes to our attention is asking to be cleared and by doing so we move forward.

A thought about feeling self-worth.
What I had noticed this month with people I have talked to these past couple of weeks, is the lack of self-worth that is present. This old energy pattern or programme that is running in the background in our subconscious mind is very widespread amongst the population, it is disempowering, and makes no point towards our evolution. Let’s release it by shedding all the layers of old energy patterns that are imbedded in our memory structure and holding us back. Let’s replace the old pattern with free choice and start afresh.

Thank you for choosing the path of healing.
Every time you allow healing to happen, and let go of energies that are holding you back, you are allowing your spirit to come to the forefront of who you are, and not what you have being programmed to be.
Let go of all programmes, the understanding of who you are leads to healing.

Personal healing experience.

Every healing session is different. It is different every time because the energies and the people that are participating bring their own guides with them. They are also asking for a different experience every time they are stepping into the room, and this changes the energetic information. The support and love that’s streaming in from the source energy is wonderful. This time we had assistance from our guides to clear out past energies that where quite prevalent, let’s say stacked, and serve no other purpose then holding us back. We had been given light codes and wonderful native healing sound channelled by Nick Tischler.

A message to share.
Trust comes from within, stay calm and try something different, you never know until you try.

I’m choosing to be sovereign in any domain
I’m letting go of victimhood
I’m trusting my own guidance
I’m raising my frequency

Affirmations are a wonderful way of healing, they encouraged an inner conversation, and with this a connection with our inner source. If this resonates with you, Nick and I are here to help you unveil your inner strength, healing abilities and self-love.

Thank you for connecting with us.
Love and light.


Friday was very relaxing, I could hardly keep my eyes open while we were talking afterwards. I really look forward to these sessions. I am amazed at how powerful they can be online and love the anonymity of them that is achieved by turning the camera off and relaxing into the session with the sound.
CH Dry Drayton

This time the sound took me on a journey to places where I stayed in my life – especially the landscapes of Nordfriesland and North-Denmark. … I love these rough and sometimes lonely landscape . Even if I am not able to travel to it – I was there so often, that I have it somewhere deep inside me….
EH Berlin

It was amazing. I always get visions when I listen to the bowls. I saw the green man smiling at me last night. Very powerful and as always I felt much better afterwards. And yes truly amazing healing from both of you. Many thanks.
PD Cambridgeshire