Reiki and bowls past event 30/4/2021


Hi everyone,

Thank you for the wonderful family connection we shared at the live Lotus Reiki and Tibetan Singing bowls event on Friday the 30th, I felt very blessed connecting with all of you.
The loving energy of Motherly love was very prominent in this session and it stayed with me long afterwards.

There is a strong connection in a group healing circle. When we connect in this way wonderful things happen, we start to heal. We ignite the light of healing abilities in one another and this ability accompanies us throughout the session. This energy is honouring our free will and our decision to choose whenever we would like to start our inner journey of healing, self-discovery and expansion. In this session, I felt myself connecting with all the participant’s spiritual guides, holding the space for all in the circle of light, love, and healing. The motherly love took all of you lovingly in their arms and started to cradle all, as if they were babies emerging into the world, all in the light and the love, as we are all seen as infants in the “eyes” of the universal love.

Personal healing experience.
In this hour of healing energies, I was surprised, I had a purging myself. A pain came up. The pain I felt was so strong that I couldn’t breathe for five seconds until it had passed through me. I was getting rid of some accumulated, jammed energies that I actually did feel were lingering around for the whole past week. I was so busy that week that I didn’t pay attention to it, only thinking that I need to do something about it later.

Having a fast clear out, a healing moment if you will, can sometimes be very painful before it disappears. What happens is that it compresses all the energy of a situation/illness that normally would have taken days or weeks to heal, inside a specific time (which can vary). In a spontaneous healing we can experience all of these unwanted accumulated energies in a very short time, this can be very uncomfortable and it can be experienced as a sudden burst of pain. These kinds of clearing experiences don’t stay for very long. They are felt and then dispersed. It feels like a weight is lifted out of your body, your energy field. Allowing you to feel very light and strongly connected with your inner guidance.

A message to share.

I have some words to share with the participants that were given to me, I don’t know for whom this is for, but If you understand what it means, you will know what to do with this, if you don’t understand these words, this message is not for you.  “Let go of stress and feel relaxed, peace is here.” Another one was about pathways: “There are many roads and the first isn’t always best. “


I have a Healing affirmation for you that you can use every time you feel like you are ready for it. Repeat it as a mantra, if you will:

“I give my self-permission to heal my body, by shedding all energies that are in the way of my healing process. “

Affirmations are a wonderful way of healing, they encouraged an inner conversation, and with this our connection with our inner source. If this resonates with you, Nick and I are here to help you unveil your inner strength, healing abilities and self love.

Thank you for connecting with us. Love and light,


My sound baths are channelled, that is to say that I am told what to play. This time there was a lot of repetition of the number 5. And rhythms that mimicked a human heart beat. The energy started calm and slow and the power gently built up as the sound bath progressed.

During the session there were three vocal channelings. Although I have several teachers that come through, on this occasion all the channelings came from my Native Amarican guide. Earlier in the day he had taught me one of his people’s songs and it came through again as the third channelling. He has not told me the exact purpose of the song but makes him happy to hear it again.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the session last week. I was slightly concerned how well the sound would work but I was able to connect my iPad to our stereo system (thanks to my son!) and the sound was wonderful and filled the room. You were both so welcoming and it was a friendly, fun and relaxing experience. It was lovely to chat to other people in the group at the start. Overall it was wonderful and I would love to do another one.” R.G. Cambridge

“I loved the session. I have neck problems and found myself moving my neck very slowly to stretch the muscles. I went wherever it wanted to go and could definitely move my neck more freely afterwards. I really liked being able to turn the camera off during the session and just have the audio on. The session felt very deep and I could feel the healing emanating from you both. Would love to do more of these and thank you and Jutta for doing this.” C.H. Dry Drayton

“I came into a kind of meditation about the connections. I thought that I’m connected with people in this moment so far away. And then I thought how I am connected to all the beings living here: humans, my neighbours or people I don’t know, the animals and plants in my back yard. My thoughts were then flying over the yard, my kiez (local area), the park where I walk every day. Then I thought there’s the ocean, the North Sea and then there are people I am connected with in this moment. And this was such a good feeling in this time when we have to hold distance to all people and we are connected in another way. That was so good to feel for me in this moment.” E.H. Berlin