Reiki and bowls past event 28/5/2021

Lotus Reiki and Tibetan sound bowls

Thank you for this wonderful connection we shared at the live Lotus Reiki and Tibetan Singing bowls
event on Friday the 28th.
It is always a pleasure to connect with friends and share the blissful moments of the energy transmissions that come through. The amount of healing that comes through by connecting with family is overwhelming, and feels blissful and very loving.

Healing is a very personal experience and each of us feels it in a different way.
Healing feels different to every person and each of us experiences it differently, from a powerful emotional breakthrough, to a lightness in your whole being feeling lifted up. Some of us, however, will feel as if nothing has happened, some progress shows itself later in the healing process when the time is right. Any healing needs to be integrated into the body. Give it some time, it took me seven months to heal a condition my body had developed and carried for many years, and even longer to realise that it was no longer there after the intense healing process I had gone through

Personal healing experience.
In this hour of healing we have been visited by old masters, elders and otherworldly natives, they are our souls ancestors coming to assist us and the whole human collective. They are emanating wisdom, health and compassion. These energies are very powerful, but very gentle, honouring every choice we make, and assisting us when we are ready for it.

A message to share.
Keep an open heart to discover your pathway.

I’m wisdom
I’m health
I’m compassion

Affirmations are a wonderful way of healing, they encouraged an inner conversation, and with this our connection with our inner source. If this resonates with you, Nick and I are here to help you unveil your inner strength, healing abilities and self love.
Thank you for connecting with us. Love and light.